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first post!!!
so this community is my baby.

i <3 this beatles... and i've been posting while the beatles block that i listen to is on since i started working at job where i had free access to the radio and the internet : ) if you don't quite get the idea of this community... and you'd like to, check out the info page.

this was my post from today... i'm adding it here even tho it's in the past cause i don't want to wait for tomorrow to post!

beatles block!!!!

- saw her standing there

today i think i'm going to actually make my much anticipated (ha. by me.) beatles block community... i mean, there must be other people in the world who listen to one. i *know* that other radio stations have such things. *thinks*
i would be sad if i made a community and and it entirely failed.
but the thought of a few people sitting at their desks listening to the beatles and talking to eachother makes me happy : )
especially cause i'll be interested in what songs other radio stations play for their blocks, and who listens to the same ones. if it got sort of widespread it would be cool. humph. i have so many ideas in my head... i don't want to forget any of them.

- let me tell you a secret

works been good today so far. got here at regular time and went about my little schedule.
i don't know why but sleep has been denying me like crazy on the bus lately... in past weeks that hour and a half nap that i get each way has been keeping me alive. i lay in my bed. i blink. i toss. i get up and get dressed and get on the bus and pass out. usually. it's weird but i really feel the difference.

- twist & shout

it's all retro (well, it's allllll retro, but like older) beatles today.

last night when i got home from work i went straight over to david's house...
nice relaxing night.
the boys (vinny, dan, james, cheese and gene) came over for video games, (what else?) and i passed out on the couch next to david...
i hope no one minded : (

when he and i were leaving his house i was in the most excruciating pain.
- please please me
i could barely walk
and i didn't know what was going on
it was just these horrible spasms, not cramps or belly ache, spasms of pain in my whole stomach/girlbullshit area.
i thought that i wasn't going to be able to drive home, so david followed right behind me in case i had to pull over...
he watches to make sure i'm ok : )
i felt really horrible because a) i was in a HUGE amount of freaking pain and 2) i always feel like i'm inconvienencing david, i delayed him leaving his house because i was laying on his bed completely just trying not to pass out/throw up from pain.
when i got home i washed my face and put on a comfy hoodie and wrapped myself up in a thousand blankets.
it was all i could do.
and i feel better today.
but shit man... that is just entirely unnesseccary.

i just told flo about my master plan to kidnap her and make her be a cheerleader with me, but she rejected : (
i hate my friends who go to school.
i have to dress up for a big party that my company is hosting... and i don't want to be alone!

alright. john cougar fucking mellencamp is on the radio... so that's my queue to stop typing here.

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