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beatlesblock's Journal

the beatles on the radio...
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this is a place to carry out the habit that i've developed. i sit at work from 9-5... and at 12 noon, the radio station that we listen to (104.3 the dominant classic rock station for NYC) plays a block of beatles!!!

i take a break
sit down at my computer
open up livejournal
bob my head
and keep track of what songs they play and just what i'm thinking about...

: )

all radio stations are welcome... if you listen to one that doesn't play a specified block, but still want to write here while you're listening to the beatles you're welcome too. just make sure you include what songs you're listening to when you post.

i've done this in my own journal for quite some time and just wanted to see if there was anyone like minded out there...

and the beatles!!!