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<3 happy valentine's day <3

- all you need is love

i just got off of the phone with the insurance company about the accident.
those people really are life savers.

- love me do

ooohhh! it's all <3love<3 songs : )
not that that's not the most predictable thing in the whole entire world... but. eh. it would be tres bien if they would just play a whole *hour* of beatles today! i mean... come on! who more to exemplify love than them.

the insurance guy was really really nice to me. the people at the agency know my dad one way or another pretty well, and they've heard my name time and time again... (i've probably had about 5 or 6 minor accidents since i've had that car.) he was like, "hey! at least you took a year off!"
- she love you yeah yeah yeah
last night... my dad was surprisingly calm and collected. he wanted to know the story, he just stood there with this grim look on his face.
the one thing that he said that pissed me off the most, after we talked about how i'm obviously going to have to start giving hime more money for car insurance, was "you know, if you're just upset about this cause you're not going to be able to turn around and go to 10 rock shows than you still have a whole lot to learn..." fuck that shit. i was upset because i made a mistake. i was upset because i hurt another person.
i mean... not to say i'm not a little more stessed about money now. but still. i'm not thinking about "rock shows."

- p.s. i love you

valentine's day. mmm.
jessica! me and david are going to thai house too. so. yeah. tell me what time you're going so we can *politely* avoid one another. lol.
not that i don't love you and everything, : p
but i don't want you on my date!

- all my lovin'

that was a good beatles block.
people keep calling the office and hanging up. it's only sloan and me in here right now... sue went to go and buy matt (her boyfriend) valentine's day things. procrastinators rule. i hope this day goes quickly... i get to throw away more old things. (files, broken furtinture, unused things...) *and* if there's anything i want that's getting trashed i'm welcome to it. score!
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